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*Presentations submitted after June 1 will be placed on a waiting list*

IHEEP 2016 is seeking transportation agency volunteers to provide presentations on topics of interest to the IHEEP delegates and vendor partners.

Many delegates cannot receive approval to attend out of state/country travel until a reasonable conference schedule is published. IHEEP 2016 is making an effort to provide a draft conference schedule as early as possible. Our 2016 Technical Program Committee requests interested presenters to engage in a dialog with the committee as soon as possible. Send the committee an e-mail expressing your interest with a presentation idea.

For example, here are two presentation proposals:

  • Kentucky is the first state to receive our 333 Exemption (commercial) through the FAA so we can start using our UAVs. I would offer my survey coordinator (also a pilot and drone builder) to come and present on our experience in getting approval, the various ways you can go about working with the FAA, fixed-wing vs. quad copter applications, lessons learned, etc.

  • Montana just completed a replacement of their Bridge Management System by implementing an Advitam COTS solution. We propose a joint presentation by MDT’s bridge management group and Advitam technical expert. This presentation would focus on the migration from paper inspection forms to a mobile solution, meeting FHWA requirements of element level inspections and lessons learned in the RFP and solution implementation.
  • With this information, the technical committee can engage the requestor in a productive dialog about the proposed presentation.

    This year’s focus areas will be:
    Advances with 3D – 4D – 5D Highway Construction Modeling
    Advances in E-Construction Practices
    Highway Engineering Technology Improvements
    Data / Document Management
    Joint IT / Engineering Success Stories

    However, IHEEP 2016 is open to any topic that complements the focus areas and is relevant to highway engineering with an IT component. The 2016 Technical Program Committee encourages presentations based on experiences gained and lessons learned during that process which relate to the completed project.

    Selection of presentations will be based on the following prioritization:
    1. Presentation by HEEP delegate with a topic relevant to the focus areas.
    2. Presentation by HEEP delegate in conjunction with a vendor on topic relevant to the focus areas.
    3. Presentation by vendor on topic relevant to the focus areas.

    Please clarify if your proposed presentation deals with a planned or incomplete project.
    Presenters will be given 45 minutes; this includes 5 minute setup and 10 minutes for questions.
    Selected presenters will be required to submit a bio for publication in IHEEP 2016 program
    Selected presenters will be required to submit electronic copy of presentation prior to IHEEP 2016 conference.

    Calendar for Presenters

    June 1, 2016Last day to submit interest with a presentation idea
    June 17, 2016Draft Abstract Due
    June 24, 2016Notification of Acceptance
    July 22, 2016Final Abstract Due
    July 22, 2016Presenter(s) Registration Due
    July 29, 2016Early Registration Deadline
    September 1, 2016Electronic version of presentation due (please submit your presentation here
    Spetember 11 - 15, 2016IHEEP 2016 Conference

    Presentation Submittal

    Begin your presentation submittal through our electronic submission form expressing your presentation idea. The Technical Program committee is excited to hear from you and begin a dialog about your presentation idea.

    The IHEEP 2016 Technical Program Committee is comprised of the following:

    Lesley Tribelhorn, P.E.
    Highway Bureau Chief
    Engineering Division
    Montana Department of Transportation
    (406) 444-6242

    Tim Boucher, P.E.
    Senior Computer Systems Programmer
    Information Services Division
    Montana Department of Transportation
    (406) 465-0865

    Mike Dyrdahl
    Engineering Operations Bureau Chief
    Engineering Division
    Montana Department of Transportation