About IHEEP2019

What is HEEP?

HEEP is an international organization created to promote the exchange of Knowledge, experience, and best practices for using technology in the transportation engineering industry. HEEP has been in existence for 60 years providing a forum for Civil Engineers and IT Professional to discuss how the use of new products, services and workflows can address the ever-changing challenges of providing for the transportation need of our traveling customers.

Who Participates in HEEP?

The HEEP organization's membership is made up of Engineers, IT Professionals and Technology Partners from most of the Transportation Agencies of the US States, Canadian Provinces, and Eastern European Countries, as well as from associated Consulting Engineering Companies, Municipal Highway Departments, and transportation-related Technology Vendors.

How Do You Join HEEP?

HEEP is a not-for-profit organization managed by its members elected from the Transportation Agencies delegates. Delegate members are from public transportation agencies, and associate members are from private engineering or technology-related companies. There is no membership fee to belong to HEEP.

What is the International Conference (IHEEP)?

The International HEEP Conference is held each year usually in September or October, which is hosted by the rotating State Transportation Agencies. The 2019 International HEEP Conference host is the NCDOT / NCDIT, at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC from September 8-12, 2019. The conference offers technical presentation sessions, roundtable and panel discussions. The conference also includes an exhibitor's hall with booths, general membership meetings, Keynote speakers and social events.

What is the Value of Conference Participation?

The IHEEP conference provides many opportunities to learn about new concepts, technology, and best practices, from our colleagues and other experts in the Transportation Industry. IHEEP provides an excellent networking prospect to expand our thinking outside of our organizations and learn from other's experiences. Transportation consultants and technology partners can promote their unique products and services through direct discussions with attendees and by presentations during the technical sessions. IHEEP provides visibility for small as well as large organizations by becoming a Sponsor by exhibiting at a booth, subsidizing an event or advertising in the conference program.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the 2019 IHEEP Conference please contact;