2019 Educator/Student Program Participants


Mateusz Kruk

Mateusz Kruk (Cracow University of Technology)
Presentation: Design of a Infrastructure Project using LiDAR and BIM Technology

Second Place

Thomas Cadenazzi

Thomas Cadenazzi (University of Miami)
Presentation: Durability and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Corrosion-Resistant Solutions for a Reinforced-Concrete Bridge Exposed to Chlorides

Third Place

Khashayar Asadi

Khashayar Asadi (North Carolina State University)
Presentation: Building an Integrated UGV-UAV System for Automated Data Collection in Construction

Fourth Place

Navanit Sri Shanmugam

Navanit Sri Shanmugam (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Presentation: Use of Terrestrial LiDAR System for Bridge Condition Assessment