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This years conference will have 3 tracks, each with a focus on the following...

  • Transportation Technical Solutions
  • MAP-21 Asset Management
  • MAP-21 Digital Project Delivery

Transportation Technical Solutions

This track is all about Transportation Engineering Automation Solutions for the items that might cross each of the other tracks, for the items that are niche areas of special interest, for the items that are considered the backbone technology necessary for Engineering Automation, or for the items that have new or existing compelling Engineering Automation interest for DOTs.

MAP-21 Asset Management

This track will cover “All Things” Asset Management. The focus of this track is on the technology that will determine “How to Do Asset Management.” It will delve into existing implementations and solutions that provide the corner stones for the foundation of Asset Management. It will include presentations from many leading states and vendors with existing and leading edge solutions for MAP-21. What are the technology Gaps with respect to Asset Management? We encourage you to come and help us set the vision for future enhancements to Asset Management Solutions.

MAP-21 Digital Project Delivery

Sometimes they call it BIM, sometimes they call it CIM, sometimes 3D, sometimes AMG, sometimes VDC, and sometimes E-Construction. The generic term of Digital Project Delivery has now been chosen to encompass all of the acronyms out there.

This track will focus on Digital Project Delivery from Cradle to Forever, meaning it is vital to determine how to eliminate the incredibly expensive digital project grave yard where projects go to die.

This track will challenge each of us to help define the existing development issues and begin the dialogue to overcome these issues. What paradigms are holding us back and perhaps need to change for future success? What are the requirements for the future evolution of the digital design world? What would it take to extend these new digital capabilities into the Asset Management solutions and allow agencies to keep these enormous investments vigorously alive and well for future use and reuse? Vendors of this technology are encouraged to attend this non-product specific, open discussion.