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What is HEEP? 

About HEEP

The Highway Engineering Exchange Program (HEEP) is an international organization which promotes engineering technology and software solutions relating to international, state, and local highway transportation agencies/organizations.

How did it start? 

Geographic Areas 

HEEP originally formed at an informal meeting of several western states held in Portland, Oregon, in 1956. The first official HEEP meeting was an organizational session held in San Jose, California, in 1959. A large number of states were represented, and they voted to inaugurate area and national meetings. At the San Jose meeting, the first president was elected. Annual meetings have been held each year since 1959.

Benefits of HEEP

The International Highway Engineering Exchange Conference gathers together transportation engineers, technicians, officials and industry representatives from various countries, states, counties, cities, and consulting firms, from both North America and Europe, to explore all aspects of technology related to highway transportation. This conference provides an exceptional PEER exchange of information, ideas, and experiences, as well as exposure to the latest technological advances and solutions. In addition, our vendor partners provide informative presentations and also demonstrate their software and hardware solutions in the vendor display area adjacent to the meeting facilities. Members often work together with vendors to help formulate the technical road maps for future software and technology developments.


  • There is no membership fee, only a nominal registration fee that is charged for meetings to cover expenses.

  • Regular membership is designed for individuals active in highway transportation organizations at the federal, state, international, provincial and local government levels. This includes institutions of higher education.

  • Associate membership is designed for individuals working in private sector of the transportation field. Contact any International or Area officer for membership details.

Contact any International or Area Officer or other members for membership details.

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